Where To Buy Kratom Online In 2019

Looking to buy Kratom ONLINE?

Finding a trustworthy kratom company can be tough especially when buying kratom at a pharmacy or a GNC is not an option. As consumers, we can rely on these stores to source quality products and price them accordingly in order to save us time from doing the research ourselves. But since kratom is no-where to be found on those stores’ shelves it means we, as consumers, must conduct our own research and decide whether or not we should trust a particular vendor. This article discusses qualities consumers should look for before trusting a vendor.

Do they have good reviews? This is probably the easiest and first thing most consumers look for. Good reviews is a must but is not enough to make a proper decision. Take some time to read the reviews, make sure they seem genuine.

Look for a phone number and call them up! If you can’t get through to them before you make a purchase there’s a good chance you won’t be able to reach them after either.

Is there a guarantee? Great companies will offer a 14-30 day guarantee. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad if they don’t offer it but it’s nice to know they are confident in their products.

Are their prices out of wack? Compare a few shops to understand the average cost of kratom. Organic kratom should not be compared to enhanced kratom (kratom mixed with kratom extract) or pure extract powder. 

Are they GMP certified? Certification requires an upfront investment which ensures the company has good manufacturing processes.

Product packaging – Is it professional? Professional packaging signals an investment in the company. If your packages come dirty or unprofessional packaged that might be a red flag!

Product Testing It’s extremely important to buy kratom that has been tested, especially for contaminants and heavy metals but consumers need to be cautious at the same time. Shady companies understand that this is a big way to earn consumer trust so they will publish test results on their site, and use Photoshop to adjust the date and/or name it was tested for. It is for this reason that one must look at everything combined to make a proper judgement call.

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