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Finding a kratom company that you can trust to supply clean and quality kratom can be tough. If it was possible to buy kratom at a pharmacy, a GNC store or a walmart many brands offering kratom for sale would be out of business. Unfortunately, even in 2020 kratom is unregulated so you will not find it at any of those large establishments. As consumers, we have to trust that these pharmacies and supplement stores set high standards for the brands they work with and will only supply products that are clean, safe and fresh (even if it’s not always the case). But as we know, kratom cannot be found in these stores so we must know what to look for in order to find brands that are worth our trust. If you’re new to online shopping and find yourself wondering where to get kratom and what you should look for before trusting a brand, use this guide as a reference for things to look out for in a kratom vendor. Full Disclosure: We are a kratom vendor.

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use this Checklist as a guide to order kratom Online

You are about to embark on a journey into the world of kratom. At first, you may be confused about who to trust and what to buy but as your experience grows you will find that the buying process can be quite enjoyable. This checklist is designed for finding a trustworthy source to get kratom, however, they can be applied to many other industries as well. Here are our top recommendations for qualities to look for in a kratom company. 

1. Has Good reviews

This is probably the first thing new kratom consumers look at. You might be thinking: “If so many other people had a 5 star experience surely I will too!” While that is likely true, it’s important to keep in mind how easy it is for a company with malicious intent to fake hundreds, if not thousands of perfect reviews. Even on platforms such as Trustpilot, Google, Facebook and other trusted websites where they make it harder to cheat are not fool-proof. It is wise to look through some of the reviews and judge for yourself if they are authentic rather than just taking it at face value. Companies can create many fake personas to make fake reviews all for the purpose of tricking you into trusting them. The term for this unethical tactic is called “Shilling”. 

2. Has a phone line

If you can't get in touch with a company before you buy from them then good luck reaching them after. Especially if you're unhappy. Personally, I always like to call them first to make sure I can get an answer immediately and to talk with them so I can feel them out. Always trust your instincts!

3. Has A Guarantee

A guarantee is always something I look when purchasing a product because it gives me peace of mind knowing that I can always call them if there are any issues. Great companies will offer a 14-30 day guarantee because their goal is to make sure that their customers are happy with their products. It also shows they are confident in their products which makes me more confident in them.

4. Has Fair Prices

If this is your first time purchasing kratom you might not know what the price should be. Comparing a few companies can help you figure the different price ranges. Most people tend to start with the most well-known and expensive brands because they are the easiest to find. If you're on a budget, like most of us in 2020, make sure to shop around before paying a price that is completely out of whack. Also, make sure you're comparing organic kratom to organic kratom and not to enhanced kratom (kratom mixed with kratom extract) or kratom extract. Extract and enhanced kratom will cost much more per gram of powder. Many companies in the kratom space have high prices but rely heavily on coupon codes. If the price seems high, make sure to ask for a coupon code, because if their kratom price tags look over-inflated they probably have a sale quite often.

5. Has a website

If you see kratom for sale on Craigslist, Poshmark, Ebay, Kijiji, Facebook, Instagram etc. I suggest avoiding at all costs! If you're buying kratom online, make sure they have a functional website, otherwise, if you get ripped off there will be no where to share your experience.

6. Lab Testing

I would be more concerned about seeing lab results from CBD/hemp products because there are hemp farmers who grow hemp for industrial purposes. The farmers may not be be thinking about taking extra steps to remove contaminants if it's grown for the purpose of further production rather than if they are growing it for wellness purposes. Lab testing for contaminants is crucial for both CBD and kratom to ensure product safety but unfortunately shady companies still find a way to show lab reports so it's not enough to just see a report. It can a report for a different batch, a different brand, or it can just be faked. Since the kratom market is unregulated it's even more important to find a company you can trust.

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