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A Guide to Buying Kratom Online

Looking to buy Kratom online?

If you landed on this page you’re probably asking yourself this question. Life would be easy if you could just go on Amazon and order it there. Alternatively, if it was possible to buy kratom at a pharmacy, a GNC store or Walmart, you probably would. But as you know it’s not available there so you must find a local website to get kratom.

When you go to a website, and place an order you don’t know if you will even receive a product at all, let alone a good one. We wrote this article to help those who are new to online kratom shopping understand how to identify red flags which will save you the horrible experience of getting ripped off. Unfortunately, even at the end of 2020, kratom remains unregulated so you are not able to get kratom at one of these massive corporations so you have to find a company to trust online or pay a ridiculous price at a local smokeshop and pray that it isn’t bunk or worse, adulterated with dangerous chemicals.

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How most people find the best kratom online

  • Word of Mouth: If you have a friend who has experience buying kratom and recommends a brand to you, this is the best shortcut to finding a trustworthy vendor.
  • Trial & Error: You can try multiple brands out at once and compare or you can spread it out over a certain time period and with experience you will be able to find your favorites. Beware of the Bait and Switch. This occurs when you try an amazing sample only to order a lot and find out that they switched it for crap.
  • Do your Own Research: When you hire a contractor, it’s wise to get at least three quotes before making up your mind. So too, when buying kratom it’s wise to check out at least three different vendors. Look for the signs provided for in the section below and you will find an amazing kratom which you’ll either want keep for yourself or share with all of your friends. We hope you choose the latter.

Signs of a trustworthy kratom vendor

Buying kratom can be a daunting experience if you choose to buy from one of the bad apples. This guide will help you pinpoint some common red-flags to help you avoid a bad experience.

1. Great reviews

The first sign of a good company is seeing mostly positive reviews. This seems obvious but take some time to read some of the reviews to make sure they are authentic because some companies will write fake reviews to mislead people by making themselves appear more popular than they really are. Especially if the reviews are directly on their website. If you see many amazing but also many HORRIBLE reviews and nothing in between, I would be concerned because it seems that the positive reviews were made to cover up the negative ones. This is especially true if the negative reviews include long descriptions of their experiences while the positive ones are short and lack substance. If the company has majority negative reviews,  that’s an obvious red flag and most people who see it would and should avoid them. It’s important to keep in mind how easy it is for a company with malicious intent to fake hundreds, if not thousands of perfect 5 star reviews. While many promote their thousands of reviews don’t always take it at face value. Back before Reddit banned the discussion of kratom vendors, many well known brands we’re caught shilling so it’s not unreasonable to assume that they create fake reviews.

2. Has a phone line (That works!)

If you can’t get in touch with a company before you buy from them then good luck reaching them after. Many consumers like to call prior to making an order to get a feel for who they’re dealing with. Always trust your instincts!

3. Has A Guarantee

A guarantee alone is not enough to trust a company because any company can advertise that they offer a guarantee but that doesn’t mean they will honor it. Still, it’s always something I look for when purchasing a product because it gives me peace of mind knowing that I can always call return or exchange it if I don’t like the product. Companies who care about their customers will offer a guarantee because they want to make sure that their customers are happy with their products. It also shows they are confident in their products which makes me more confident in them.

4. Has Fair Prices

If this is your first time purchasing kratom you might not know what the price should be. This is why you must compare at least three companies. This will help you figure out the different price ranges which will help you make a decision. Don’t compare bulk prices to retail prices so if you plan on buying a kilo, compare three vendors who sell by the kilo. Most people tend to start with the most well-known and expensive brands because they are the easiest to find. If you’re on a budget, like most of us in 2020, make sure to shop around for bulk kratom but never choose the cheapest price unless all your other trust signals have passed the test. Also, make sure you’re comparing kratom powder to powder and not to capsules. Additionally, don’t compare organic kratom to kratom extract. Obviously extract will be more costly per gram. The same could be said for enhanced kratom (kratom mixed with extract).

5. Has a professional website

If you receive an unsolicited message from someone trying to offer kratom for sale on Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook or Instagram it’s a huge red flag and you’d be doing yourself a favor by avoiding them. If you’re buying kratom online, make sure they have a functional and professional website. If a company in 2020 has a cheap or doesn’t have one at all, don’t have high expectations for your kratom, that is if they even send it.

6. Lab Testing

Since kratom is not regulated, testing kratom for safety is not mandatory by law. Those who test it regular to ensure cleanliness and purity are paving the way for kratom to remain legal and this effort should be supported. While I would be more concerned about buying CBD/hemp products that I don’t know were tested because it may have been grown for industrial purposes I would still want my kratom tested as a safety precaution. You want to know that’s pure (no unwanted chemicals please) and clean (no contaminants thank you). The farmers who processed your kratom may have cut corners and may try to sell you contaminated kratom. Lab testing for contaminants is crucial  to ensure product safety. Unfortunately thanks to photoshop shady companies still find a way to fake lab reports so just because you see a lab report it’s not enough. It can a report for a different batch, a different brand, or it can just be faked. Looking at one of these signals isn’t enough, you must look at all of them before giving out your trust.

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