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Looking to order kratom to Pennsylvania? In 2020, MountKratom has split kilos for sale starting at $82.50. Orders are shipped out Monday to Friday and is guaranteed to go out as long as the payment is received before 1:00PM Eastern Time and on Friday 12:00PM. Once it is shipped out, it takes 2 days to arrive in Pennsylvania at your doorstep.


No need to complicate your life trying to figure out how Bitcoin works. Today, you can order kratom online at Mountkratom and pay with your credit or debit card.

Money Back Guarantee

Our kratom is guaranteed for your peace of mind so if for any reason you don’t like the quality, we will either refund you or replace it.

Kratom Purchasing Options

We also offer 400g for sale at $45 which can also be split 4 ways. Looking to buy kratom capsules? We have a capsule variety pack which include 300 large capsules (0.8g each) for just $75! If you’re deciding on which vendor to buy your kratom powder or kratom capsules, you should not rush into it. Post-purchase regret is a terrible feeling so purchase wisely.


MountKratom is an online kratom company that has a vast number of kratom strains all of which are fresh and organic. Our Premium/Super strains are very potent and our regular strains are loved by our customers too.  If you’re looking for kratom right this instant, than your only option is to head to your nearest head shop or smoke shop and pay 2-3 times the price for kratom that has no guarantee. If you can wait 2 days than order now and avoid yourself the regret. All of our kratom powder is 100% organic and pure with absolutely zero contaminants or adulterants. If you’re looking buy kratom locally in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Errie, Reading, Scranton, Bethlahem, York or Lancaster we’ve got you covered with fast 2-3 day shipping.

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