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Buy Kratom: A Shopping Guide

How much kratom should you buy?

  • People often buy kratom in bulk because they want to save money. Buy the kratom you need. We have tons of variants to choose from so if you’re unsure how much you will need base it off how you feel comfortable spending. All of our kilos and 400g units come in four separate packages all of which are sealed for maximum freshness.  Once you receive it, it is up to you to store it appropriately in order to keep it fresh.
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If you are new to Mount Kratom, start with a variety pack

  • A variety pack allows you to mix & match and buy kratom strains together at an affordable rate so that you can try a bunch of our strains in one order. By having multiple strains you can help prevent a common problem known as “Stagnant Strain Syndrome” which occurs when a person only uses one strain over a period of time.

Don’t stress over the selection of kratom strains

  • Too many options can make choosing and buying kratom very stressful. Focus on the color category first. Decide if you’re looking for green, red or white vein kratom and then decide if you want to try Maeng Da or Borneo etc. In most cases, the different colors in any given color category will be much larger than the differences in the strain itself. When in doubt, start with green.
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Keep track of the kratom you try

  • Monitor and reflect on strains you ordered, write about what you like and dislike about them.

Try a new kratom strain every once in a while

  • Every kratom buyer knows the importance of rotating strains. Sometimes there is one that works much better than any other. If you only the one, and you use it frequently, it may stop working for you because you will build up a tolerance.

Which form should I try? Powder, Capsules or Extract?

  • Raw powder is most affordable but yucky. Capsules are pricier but more bearable and extracts can be quite tasty but much pricier. There are other factors to take into account as well before choosing an extract. Learn about the pros and cons between powder and extract.

How should kratom be stored?

  • Think dark, dry and cool. No not the fridge and freezer, that can do more damage than good. Perhaps your closet or somewhere in your basement is a good place. Anywhere away from kids where the temperature is cool, consistent and dark where direct sunlight cannot get in.
  • Exposure to oxygen will also cause it to deteriorate so keep it sealed when not in use. Store it in a air-tight glass jar to be extra careful.
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Other tips to buy kratom

  • Avoid buy kratom at a smokeshop or a gas station. Most kratom products sold at these locations have no information about the products and the brands have no reputation to uphold. The store owners don’t hold themselves accountable since it’s not their products and often know little to nothing about kratom. Often times, these store owners will just stock their shelves with the cheapest kratom products offered to them. You can also expect to pay more for their kratom than most kratom specialty stores.
  • Read reviews by other customers. Sometimes they give great detail as to how their experience went and can be a great starting point.
  • Call or email us if you have any questions!

Kratom Shop FAQs

This is a really good question, and one that unfortunately doesn’t have the simple “this one” or “that one” answer that you might’ve been hoping for. The truth is, you’ll need to do some research on the different veins and some trial and error on the different strains in order to determine which one delivers what you’re looking for. We recommend starting out with one of our smaller variety packs to bundle multiple strains together.

If you are looking for the strongest kratom, try out the premium/super strains section. Each strain in that section has a higher mitragynine concentration compared to our regular kratom strains. Another alternative would be the kratom concentrate liquid shot.

We offer two different sizes. Large capsules (size 000) contain 800-1000mg (0.8-1g) of kratom powder. Medium capsules (size 00) contain 500-700mg (0.5-0.7g) of kratom powder.

Like most things in life there are no guarantees that it will work for you. That being said, we are in the business of supplying quality kratom and have full confidence in the products we sell. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee but we don’t think you’ll need to use it!

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