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Mount Kratom is the premier vendor of kratom products, with a steadfast commitment to value.

We provide the best quality products available on the market at a fair and competitive price point. We offer several shipping service options to help deliver your goods at the best possible price. Our promise is to meet the highest standards of quality, so that our customers can have the peace of mind that they are getting the best and safest product the market has to offer. We are committed to pushing industry boundaries and exceeding the expectations of all those who purchase from Mount Kratom.

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Quality Kratom

We bring our customers the best in-class commitment to our products. We respect the proper way of doing things in every aspect of our business and collaborate with family-run farms who follow traditional techniques and sustainable practices.

Safe & Secure

Keeping your information safe is our top priority. We accept credit and debit card payments through our secure gateway and we use an SSL certificate to ensure sensitive information is kept completely private.

Fast & Discrete

We ship out orders same-day before 2PM ET everyday Monday to Friday. Packages generally take 2-3 days to arrive. All orders are packaged neatly & professionally containing no markings of what's inside the box whatsoever.

Customer Care

Through our proactive approach to customer communication and service, we ensure that our customers will benefit from the total experience with Mount Kratom that is unmatched in this industry.

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by unlocking the full potential of mitragyna speciosa.

Phone: + 1 866 KRATOM 4 (572 8664)


we Also have a 30 day Satisfaction guarantee

Kratom Vein Colors

  • White Vein Kratom
  • Green Vein Kratom
  • Red Vein Kratom

White kratom is an ancient enhancer of human potential. Sourced from the tropical, exotic South-East Asian wilderness, white vein kratom is a gift to those who dare to settle for nothing less than their best. Stimulating and euphoric, white kratom has a well-earned reputation for heightening productivity, alertness, and focus.


Green vein kratom is what Buddhist monks would describe as ‘the middle way,’ existing at the intersection of stimulation and relaxation. For those who have more subtle tastes, green kratom rewards her fans with a mild energy boost that is free of the extreme sensations that white kratom can induce.


For the restless mind, red kratom creates a euphoric, relaxed state where one can tune out of reality and tap into a higher perspective. Used for centuries by philosophers, monks, musicians and royalty alike, her vibrant red leaves are famed for the sense of well-being they arouse.


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The Origins Of Kratom

So where did Kratom, this almost magical plant come from?

To be sure, not many people know the truth as its origins are shrouded in myth and mystery. But with the bits and pieces that have been researched and discerned, we’ve been able to put together the story of this wondrous leaf.

Mitragyna speciosa, better known as Kratom, is a naturally growing leaf found along the riverbanks and in the lush green jungles of Southeast Asia. It was discovered by the Western world only recently but has been growing and thriving in the tropical region of Southeast Asia for millennia.

Enjoyed by the natives of countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia for as long as they can remember, this special leaf is a distant relative of the coffee plant. It grows in tropical evergreens and can be cultivated in farms or in the wild.

The natives of Southeast Asia are not entirely sure of its origins but have all sorts of mythical tales shrouded in the mists of the distant past. For millennia Kratom was used for all kinds of reasons, from a relaxation method, to a social consumptive, to a pain remedy, to a source of focus and enlightenment.

Nowadays, with a virtual explosion in popularity, Kratom has become one of the most lucrative exports of the region. Replacing other traditionally important exports, Kratom has become a boon for Southeast Asians as more and more people are trying to get into this fast-growing industry.

It’s a win-win situation as the same business opportunity for Southeast Asians, provides a new world of benefit to Westerners who never heard of the magic of Kratom and are discovering this wonderful leaf for the first time.

Whether a Kratom consumer is in New York, Toronto, Paris or London, whether they are enjoying a red, white, green strain or a blend, they can for a little while experience the timeless magic of what was a little known Southeast Asian secret until very recently. This can relax them, ease their pain, open their minds or enhance an experience—all while avoiding the dangers of the many other products available out there.

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