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Kava vs Kratom

Home Kava vs Kratom: Differences & Similarities Despite the pharmaceutical industry producing more and more products each year, it’s often herbal products that attract society’s attention. One of these products is Kava, which we discuss in detail below. You’ll be fascinated by some of the feedback and if you’re already using products like Kratom it’s

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Kratom and Neurotransmission

Home Kratom & Neurotransmission: An Intro to Kratom Science Three metaphors So how does Kratom work? To say that it messes with the chemicals in your brain to produce a euphoric effect is a bit too simplistic—but it’s a good place to begin. Highways and toll booths Let’s think of the nervous system—specifically the brain—as

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how does kratom work

How Does Kratom Work its Magic?

Home How Does Kratom Work its Magic? Here at MountKratom we strive to make sure that our customers and would-be customers are as educated as can be. In our humble opinion, the best customer is an educated one who knows what they are buying and why. This article focuses on how kratom works its magic.

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smoking kratom

Smoking Kratom Powder

Home Can You Smoke Kratom? Interactions with Other Smoking Products What happens when someone consumes kratom together with cigarettes? What about weed? Are these combinations safe? Do they enhance the experience, detract from it, or is the effect neutral? We have researched the experiences of people who have written about their experiences, and compiled a

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The American Kratom Association (AKA) has introduced a new standard for quality in this burgeoning industry. This new program called the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards program

CGMP: Creating Confidence in Kratom

Home CREATING CONFIDENCE IN KRATOM: NEW QUALITY CONTROL STANDARDS IN THE KRATOM INDUSTRY Creating Confidence in Kratom: New Quality Control Standards in the Kratom Industry The American Kratom Association (AKA) has introduced a new standard for quality in this burgeoning

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Has Official Kratom Regulation Begun?

Home Has Official Kratom Regulation Begun? Hear ye, hear ye, Kratom has officially become regulated in the State of Utah. Yes, you heard that right. The Mormons were the first in the nation to draft legislation in favor of the

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