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13 February 2020

Kratom consumption can be accomplished in two ways. Either the plant is prepared and mixed with a beverage such as tea, or an extract can be produced from the plant using a chemical process.
What is the difference? Why should the kratom consumer care?
From a chemistry point of view kratom possesses one of the most complex compound structures of the plant kingdom, containing a vast range of alkaloids.

31 October 2019

It would be a titanic task to find people who haven’t at least heard of the coffee bean and the distinctly aromatic beverage made from its grounds. It is no wonder, considering that caffeine, its main alkaloid, is the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world and has been such since the inception of the global trade.

7 March 2019

Hear ye, hear ye, Kratom has officially become regulated in the State of Utah. Yes, you heard that right. The Mormons were the first in the nation to draft legislation in favor of the regulation of Kratom. What does this mean for Kratom consumers? Also Scott Gottlieb has officially resigned from his position as head of FDA. Coincidence? (Spoiler alert: probably.)

3 March 2019

Bali or Maeng Da? Green Vein or White Vein? If one wants to purchase Kratom, they will be inundated with a flood of Kratom products with names that seem both mysterious and confusing. What are the differences and how to know which ones to buy?

31 May 2018

Pain relief comes in many forms. People turn to opioids and herbs as a means to get high or because they are suffering from physical pain which they are trying to alleviate. While the consequences of opioids and painkillers are often addiction and dependence with life threatening effects, marijuana and kratom provide…

31 december 2018

The American Kratom Association (AKA) has introduced a new standard for quality in this burgeoning industry. This new program called the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards program, is a sign of a maturing industry eager to demonstrate to its customer base that there is a way to guarantee a quality product…

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