Are you are looking for a reliable vendor to supply your kratom in New Jersey?

MountKratom is a supplier of organic kratom powder and capsules headquartered in Brooklyn New York.
If you have high quality standards and at the same time don't want to break your budget we are the supplier you've been looking for. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


We offer a full product line of different kratom strains that meet our high standard for quality and cleanliness. We work with like-minded suppliers who share our values of high standards, cleanliness, transparency and honesty and we only work with those who are able to deliver quality kratom on a consistent basis. We keep our prices fair and honest and are proud to be part of a growing community of fellow kratom enthusiasts. Whether you want an ounce, a pound or a kilogram, our prices are fair and the quality is still amazing! We take pride in our service too so if ever you have any questions, concerns or feedback we are here to serve you. Try us out today and you will never buy kratom from a smokeshop again! Buying locally at smokeshops is not only tough on the wallet but on top of those over-the-top prices their sources can be questionable since many of the brands they sell have little to no information about them. 

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