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Here at Mount Kratom we believe that organically sourced, high quality kratom should be available for anyone and everyone who truly needs it. One of mother nature’s best gifts, kratom has properties that can potentially surpass the benefits of many other products available, and now you can order yours from the comfort of your own home.

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I was moving lumber about a month ago and pulled something in my back and literally couldn’t walk for a week. Worst pain I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t take more than a week off work so I decided to try some of this and it is absolutely amazing... An hour after taking in the second week of my injury, I could function very well – very little pain (I do IT workstation support so alot of walking, squatting, messing around with cables). By the third week my back was still in pain but after taking this I was able to start riding my bike to work again – 10 miles each way. I mixed it with honey and turmeric and rolled it into balls so I could bring them with me and take them at the end of the day before I ride home. I’m now going into the 4th week since I hurt my back and I only take some in the morning – no pain at all as long as I take it in the morning and it’s enough to get me through the whole day. This saved me and without it, the last month of my summer would have been the worst ever.
I’ve been ordering from Mount Kratom for a month now. I just received my 3rd order. I’m very satisfied with the product... I feel it working about 30-45 minutes after taking. The customer service is wonderful and you can actually talk to a human. I would recommend this...
Wow! This white maeng da I actually like better than a lot of green strains I have tried and usually green is my favorite... just overall great feeling to it... this one was a very balanced white and lasted a very long time. Cant wait to try this one more I only wish I had gotten more than 100g and let me tell you this one smelled the best out of all 9 strains I ordered just has a very unique smell and the texture was the most smooth kratom i had got in a while, almost no stem and vein. I knew it was going to be great. I like this better than green maeng da although I just received my order a few days ago so I need to try all the strains a couple times to feel it out more. Also wanted to add after about 6 hours I was still feeling great on this and layed down for a bit and could easily fall asleep for a nap...
Kyle McMahon

Whether you’re in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Roswell, Farmington, Taos, Carlsbad, Hobs, Ruidoso, Gallup, Deming or any other city in New Mexico, as long as there’s a post office we would be happy to serve you! Kindly give us a call if you have any question!


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