Red, White and Green: Myths and Facts about Kratom Strains

Countries, Colors and Marketing

Bali or Maeng Da? Green Vein or White Vein? If one wants to purchase Kratom, they will be inundated with a flood of Kratom products with names that seem both mysterious and confusing. What are the differences and how to know which ones to buy?

To put it simply, the differences in kratom strains are largely marketing. Each farm in attempting to differentiate itself, adopts a name by combining place and color. The truth is though, that none of that matters. What really is important when it comes to knowing what Kratom is, comes down to three colors. Red, White and Green.

The Three Colors and their Effects

The truth is that everybody responds differently to everything, so it is impossible to guarantee a reaction to a specific strain. However, there is mostly consensus on what to expect from a color.

Red: Red is said to be king when it comes to pain relief.

White: White is reputed to be the number one for stimulation and focus.

Green: As every Kratom consumer knows, Green is in between.

The Origin of the Colors

Why are there different colors?

All Kratom leaves are green and almost all have red veins. When the leaves are picked for grounding, the processes which get them ready for consumption may vary and contribute to different colors with diverse levels of alkaloids.

Indoors vs outdoors:

Some dry the leaves outdoors while others dry them indoors. The heat of the sun among other factors are said to contribute to the red color of the red strain.


Some Kratom producers may blend different colors to produce a third color shade which is then marketed as a distinct strain.


Other Kratom producers use a fermentation process which results in the gold or yellow color that some products have. One popular strain that uses fermentation in it’s production process in Bentuangie. 

The Real Hero Behind Kratom: Alkaloids

Two alkaloids which are present in Kratom, work to produce the effects that people experience.

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. They are present in each strain in various ratios and can cause one strain to be more sedative while another to be more stimulating. It is recommended to experiment with small doses of different strains in order to discover which one works best for the effect one is seeking.

Try A Trio Variety Pack!

Three Strains of Kratom to Choose From

Try A Trio Variety Pack!

Three Strains of Kratom to Choose From

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